Friday, December 28, 2007

Pattern Links

Okay Ladies. I think that I have deleted and/or corrected all the pattern links that were broken or no longer available. If you find one that I dod not fix or delete, please email me at and I'll fix it right away.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Package from Norway

I had a nice little surprise in my mailbox when I got home today - a package from my spoiler all the way from Norway! I've taken photos and hope to get them posted on my blog tomorrow. It was a wonderful surprise and I am completely and totally enthralled with the marzipan pig! It is too cute for words. Of course coming from Norway, it needed a customs form on it. And a return address. But knitters aren't stupid - there was no concealing the country of origin, but my spoiler has still very cleverly kept her identity hidden... The name on the return address is "Linda". There is no "Linda" on the list... Clever! Thank you, spoiler!
P.S. I also received another swap package today from a different swap from Cheryl who is also playing along with us all in SITMT. Pop by over the weekend (once I've had a chance to upload the photos) so that you can all hope that she might be your spoiler in this swap!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Quick Update

Sorry I've been MIA everyone. I have been experiencing some vertigo since last Thursday and it's kicking my butt! Needless to say, I haven't been around too much.

I will be updating points for the button contest this week. I will extend the contest as I only received a few.

Lisa, I owe you an email. I promise, soon! I will be granting Lisa administration rights on here so she can update the broken links for the patterns.

New Contest: Holiday memories and Holiday knitting. Contest starts today and will end on Friday, December 21st. All you have to do is write a blog post about the holidays. Include memories from when you were a child, Christmas knitting you are working on this year, and holiday traditions. 5 points for the post. If you include pictures, you will receive 1 point for each photo. Have fun!

Amd again, my old email is no longer available. If you need to email me, the new email is iKnit.iPurl(at)(yahoo)(dot)(com).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa Arrived

My secret pal, send me some christmas goodies, and tempation is really getting the best of me to see what kind of goodies i got, but will wait until christmas day to open
thank you secret pal.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

wow, socks almost done

I can't believe it, I'm almost done with my pair of Jaywalkers for my pal... That's so not me, usually I'm finishing things on last minute.

Has anyone else already started to knit?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Information

I wanted to let you all know that I have a new email. It is iKnit.iPurl(at)(yahoo)(dot)(com). I no longer have access to everyone's regular email addresses, only secret pal accounts. So, I will be contacting you through your secret emails from now on.

Santa Arrived!

Santa came to my house this morning. I received a fantastic package from my pal. It was jam packed with cookie and bar mixes (what a fantastic idea!), a rice mix, neat stitch markers (you can never have enough!), some yummy looking peach jam, yarn. Mmmm... and the girls are fighting over who will get the red M&M lip gloss! There was more... I'll have to take pictures tonight when I have more time. I'll update my blog tomorrow, but wanted to say Thank You to my swap partner! She was so sweet that she included the package from the chocolate chips to make sure that my dairy allergic kid can eat the bars. :) What a sweetie!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Broken Links


I am trying to assist AJ with the broken links for the patterns. I will be sending her a list of the links that I have been able to locate. I would like to extend a little "warning" that you might be contacted by me if I see that you submitted one that I cannot find.

The list is a great resource and I want to make sure that we all reap the benefits!

Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This question was ment for my swap partner, but after some thought I would like to know answers from others:

If you were to describe a particular yarn that share your traits of your personality what would it be?

Happy knitting

Monday, November 26, 2007

Do a Double Check

I am fairly certain that I got everyone's points, (Melanie, please re-email the first one you sent as I never got it and I'd like to add up your points). But please, double check! There is a very good chance I might have missed your blog and forgotten a point. (Please remember that duplicate links don't get points. So if someone linked a pattern for you, you will NOT get a point for yours.)

Also, regarding sock patterns. I've decided to do a "special" contest. It's easy, but you must follow it through! If you should to use one of the many, many, many patterns on the sidebar as your sock pals socks you will get 25 points. Here's the catch, you will need to post a picture of your finished socks, (they can be black and white so that you don't have to show the finished color picture), on THIS blog. There will be NO deadline. You will need to include your picture and the name of the pattern that's featured on the link.

Secondly, I've decided to incorporate a little fundraising. (This is totally voluntary, by the way.) I would like to collect a few pair of socks to donate to charity here in Los Angeles. Somewhere like the Salvation Army or a church that helps the homeless. We've had a fairly cold month here, which as most of you know is not normal. I'm hoping we can possibly donate to some of the families that lost their homes in the fires. If you would like to donate all you have to do is make a pair of socks, any size. They can be big, little, whatever goes. All I ask is that they are washable and that you make a little tag saying who they are from and what size shoe they will fit. When you are done, email me and I will send you my address. Because this is knitting from your heart, and out of some peoples pockets, I will give 20 points for every pair donated (adult size) and 10 points for every pair of children's socks/booties.

Ok, I think that's it. Email me if you need anything!

Listen Up!

1. Do NOT worry that your points have not been added to the sidebar. I am still reading blogs and enjoying everyone's "Grateful" posts. I am also slowly adding everyone's sock contributions. We have been uber lucky to have so many great ones. I have to check and double check because there have been duplicates and I need to make sure everyone will get credit.

2. Again, if you have NOT heard from your spoiler or spoilee, contact me immediately. We have a few people have yet to respond to emails/blog comments. At this time I'd also like to state, if you really can NOT commit to this swap please back down now. I do NOT want to deal with missing, or no show, packages. Everyone deserves to have fun. Remember that the basis of this swap is to COMMUNICATE. We all like emails/cards/snail mail/comments, so please be generous.

3. BLOG BUTTON CONTEST: Last round we had a wonderful participant who made buttons without me asking. This round I'd like to hold a contest. Make a "Sock It To Me Twice" blog button, send me the link/jpeg and get 10 points. You may send up to two buttons. I will add them to the link list and then you can put them on your blogs! So be creative. Use any color! Use any font! Use any graphics! Contest will end on November 30th.

4. Prizes. There will be a random prize drawing on December 1st. Everyones name will be entered, regardless of points. I will post the winner on Saturday! So good luck to everyone!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Would Greatly Appreciate It If You

would make contact with both your spoiler and spoilee. Please. I've received a few emails, today alone, stating that they have made contact with their pals, via email or blog, and have yet to get any acknowledgement. I understand that it's the holidays, but you need to make contact for your pal. Remember the rules, please. I can not answer every email and hunt down every partner. Let's work together to make this work.

Also, a few people have emailed me regarding things that have been posted on this blog. Please check in as often as possible regarding contests and other information.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Contest Fun

Being that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and many of you will be out of town I am going to post the rules for two contests!

Contest 1: Thanksgiving

All you have to do for this contest is blog about what you are grateful for. (Even if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, you can still blog.) You must include 10 things you are grateful for. You will earn 5 points for posting on your blog. You can earn another point for each picture you post on your blog that pertains to the things that you are grateful for. Blog posts must be up by November 24th, (Saturday), 12 p.m. PST. Please comment on the blog so you can receive your points.

Contest 2: Sock Pattern Challenge

This contest will help us collect a large number of patterns. All you have to do is to leave a comment with the link to a sock pattern. It can be easy, it can be hard. It should be free. For every pattern you contribute you will earn 1 point each. You can enter as many as you want. But, there can not be duplicates. So please check the comments before leaving yours. Challenge starts November 21st, (today), at 6 p.m. PST and will end on November 25th, (Sunday), at 12 p.m. PST.

I believe that's it.

For everyone is celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, have a happy and safe holiday.

Please contact me if you haven't heard from your pal.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Keep em coming!

I've received a number of email requests asking for pal's email addys. So far so good. If you are still having problems, email me a.s.a.p.


Since my partner did not want to give her email, i took a long, ok very long peak in her blogspot and found out many little interesting things that i can use during swap. But, if i really want to know more i will most definetly use this method for communication.
thank all
happy knitting

Points Tallied

I tallied all the points for everyone. So far, so good. BUT there are two participants who left comments who don't have their names/identities on their comment. Please leave me an email or comment so I can give you your points.

The next contest will be held on Friday, after Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


When I sent the matches, I DID NOT send you an email address for the simple reason that I received many emails from participants with different email address AND a number of email addresses that seemed to bounce back.

Kim wrote a post, I believe it is now THREE posts down from this, where you can post a comment and let your pal know that you'd like her email address. You should be able to leave comments on their blog. If you don't allow anonymous comments, please change your settings. Your pal should be able to leave comments on your blog. If all else fails, email me and I will see if your pal has left me just one email address.

No Email?

AJ - When you sent my match, you didn't send me my pal's email. Just thought I would let you know!

I'm so excited and eager to get swapping and knitting on this one! I had such a blast with the last round.

Paging A Pal...

I thought it might be a good idea to have a place where we can put notes on where our pal can email us. My thought is if you leave a comment here saying 'Kim (that's me), I can't find your email. Send me a note to *your secret email here*.' It would be a way to get your pal's preferred email address. And since we can post anonymously here, it should keep everything fun :)

PS - AJ, if I am stepping on toes, I'm sorry.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let's get it started!

Alright everyone, matches have been sent. I've had two emails bounce back to me. Please email me if you didn't receive your match. All information has been sent to your secret email accounts. In the emails there will be your spoilee's name, address and blog address. It is up to you to get their emails. Since everyone uses different types, (personal, business, or school), I'd like for them to give you whatever email they wish to receive mail in.

The Questionnaire & Contest #1:

I am going to post the questionnaire for this swap in a moment. Contest one will be incorporating your questionnaire. Please fill out the questionnaire and post it to your blog as soon as possible. Five points will be given if your questionnaires are posted by 2 p.m. EST to your blog. One point will be given if you post your answers on your blog by Thanksgiving.

I will keep track of all points and I will check your blogs. If you post to your blog, please leave a comment on this post and I will check your blog.

The Questions
  1. How long have you been knitting? Do you consider yourself beginner, intermediate, advanced?
  2. How long have you been knitting socks?
  3. What are your favorite fibers to work with?
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. What are your current WIPs (works in progress)?
  6. Name your favorite yarns, (brand, fibers, colors, etc.).
  7. What are some yarns/fibers that you stay away from.
  8. What is your family situation? (Married, kids, pets?)
  9. Name some of your hobbies.
  10. Name some of your favorite movies?
  11. Do you like to read?
  12. Do you collect anything?
  13. Do you own an iPod or mp3 player?
  14. What are your favorite type of knitting needles?
  15. What knitting notion could you not live without?
  16. Who are some of your favorite designers?
  17. Do you subscribe to any magazines? (Knitting or otherwise.)
  18. When is your birthday?
  19. Do you have a "wishlist", (on Ravelry, Froogle, or Amazon)?
  20. Do you have a Ravelry ID?
  21. If you had a sheep, what would you name it?
So, I think that's about it for now. Have fun everyone!

Still doing matches

Ok everyone, it's almost 6 p.m. here and I'm still working on match ups. I should have the emails out tonight, tomorrow morning at the latest. Thanks for being patient.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Ok everyone, we have 38 participants now!

So, tonight and tomorrow I will be diligently working on your swap assignments. You should receive an email from me on Saturday, (maybe Friday depending on how quick I am). If you don't receive an email by Saturday p.m., (and I haven't posted about any delays), please email me immediately.

I will also be posting about our first contest.

Yay! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So Happy To Be Here!

In part this is a test because Blogger is being a little bit ornery... But it is also a great big THANK YOU to AJ for being our swap hostess for a second round. Let the fun begin!

37 and counting

Good morning everyone!

We have 37 participants and, technically, the swap is now closed. BUT, I need at least one more swapper to make our count even before I can assign partners. So I'm hoping by the end of the day we will have one, or more, swapper interested.

Important: I'd like everyone to check their name on the sidebar and make sure that their website links work. I copied and pasted whatever you sent in your emails, so they may, or may not be, correct. Please email me and let me know if they are wrong so that I can change them, both on the blog and on your contact information.

I will post the questionnaire on Friday. Please post it within the week, so your pal can see it on the top of your blog when assignments are emailed.

And I wanted to let you know: There will be a change in the contests. Instead of doing one a month and a drawing, I've decided to go by a point system. Every week, (hopefully), I will post on the blog a question/comment/something... All you will need to do is post the answer either on here or the blog. (I will give better instructions when the time comes.) I will keep track of everyone's points. At the end of the swap there will be a total of 5 winners, (with the most points). Some of the prizes will be: 1 skein of Socks that Rock, 2 skeins of Koigu, an Accessory kit, (which will include knitting needle cases, stitch markers and notions), Cookie A. sock patterns, and a subscription to either Vogue Knitting or Interweave Knits.

So I hope everyone will play because this is going to be a lot of fun.

Til then!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Calling All Angels

If you are willing to be one of our wonderful, giving Angels, please leave a comment on this post so I can put a "star" by your name. Angels may be needed for donations for a package or to do an extra pair of socks. Hopefully we won't have any flakes this time around. Last round we've done pretty good. Let's keep it up!

Participants Update: We currently have 33 swappers. We need an even number of players. There are 17 spots available, so tell your friends!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Good to be back!

Back for another great swap! Thanks, AJ, for all your hard work!

Sherry G

Friday, October 26, 2007

Just a Note

Just a quick note: I am sending each of you a Blogger invitation so that you can post to the blog. The invitations will be sent to the email address that you used when you signed up for the swap, NOT your secret pal email address. Please accept the blog invitation as soon as possible. If, by the 15th of November, you haven't accepted the invitation, I will delete you from the blog and give someone else your spot. Also, please do not post to the blog until we've filled the group up. (I don't want all the blog instructions/rules to be buried.)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still Spots Open

We still have 26 spots open according to the number of emails I've received for this swap. Keep em coming!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Thanks AJ for going for it is very time consuming and a generous offer on your part to organize us again. Thanks also for the considerate timeline..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Part Deux

Here it is knitters. Round two of the Sock It To Me Sock Swap.

The knitty gritty:

Sign Ups: Swappers that participated in the first round will get open invitations first. (We know they are loyal!) Official sign ups will open October 21st and end November 15th. I will only be accepting 50 participants, so if we get 50 before the sign up date ends, I will pair everyone up early.

Sign Up Requirements: First, you must be a sock knitter. (Or crocheter if you are just that good.) Second, you must have an active blog. This means you post 4, or more, times a month. (I'm the blog police!) Third, you will need to set up a secret email account.

Swap Requirements: This swap will be running from November 15th to March 1st. I am giving a little extra time, due to the holiday seasons. (Please be advised that if you will be on vacation, I would appreciate you shooting either me, or your swap pal, a quick email. This way no one thinks that they are getting flaked on while their swap partner is in the Bahamas soaking up the sun.)

You are required to not only post to your blog, but email your partner. Please be generous. Most of us like a lot of communication from our pals.

Now onto the goodies: Packages sent to your pal should contain a hand knit pair of socks, along with a few goodies. The minimum allowance on spending is $60 over the three and a half month period. This does NOT include the yarn/pattern for the socks you knit your pal. The way to find out what your pal likes is simple: Read her questionnaire, (which will be provided on the 15th), and read her blog. Some ideas: stitch markers, knitting/crochet patterns/books, sweet treats, candles, bath items, other handknit items, CD's...

If all of this sounds good to you and you want to play, please email me at blueyedpenny(at)yahoo(dot)(com) with the following information: your first and last name, your secret email address, your mailing address and your blog website.

Let's get ready to have some fun!