Monday, November 26, 2007

Do a Double Check

I am fairly certain that I got everyone's points, (Melanie, please re-email the first one you sent as I never got it and I'd like to add up your points). But please, double check! There is a very good chance I might have missed your blog and forgotten a point. (Please remember that duplicate links don't get points. So if someone linked a pattern for you, you will NOT get a point for yours.)

Also, regarding sock patterns. I've decided to do a "special" contest. It's easy, but you must follow it through! If you should to use one of the many, many, many patterns on the sidebar as your sock pals socks you will get 25 points. Here's the catch, you will need to post a picture of your finished socks, (they can be black and white so that you don't have to show the finished color picture), on THIS blog. There will be NO deadline. You will need to include your picture and the name of the pattern that's featured on the link.

Secondly, I've decided to incorporate a little fundraising. (This is totally voluntary, by the way.) I would like to collect a few pair of socks to donate to charity here in Los Angeles. Somewhere like the Salvation Army or a church that helps the homeless. We've had a fairly cold month here, which as most of you know is not normal. I'm hoping we can possibly donate to some of the families that lost their homes in the fires. If you would like to donate all you have to do is make a pair of socks, any size. They can be big, little, whatever goes. All I ask is that they are washable and that you make a little tag saying who they are from and what size shoe they will fit. When you are done, email me and I will send you my address. Because this is knitting from your heart, and out of some peoples pockets, I will give 20 points for every pair donated (adult size) and 10 points for every pair of children's socks/booties.

Ok, I think that's it. Email me if you need anything!


cindybmw2004 said...

I missed the last contest :( so didn't get any points. Guess I better knit some socks for your "charity" to make up! :) Will be knitting knitting away! :)

CynicalGal said...

I did a thankful post, but maybe you just didn't get to it yet! Yours is a big job...yay for AJ !!

Dawn ;) said...

not fair ~ I didn't get in on these. ;( I guess I too better knit some charity socks. ;D

Anonymous said...

I think you all my points. Thanks

Megan said...

I alsodid a thankful post - no pictures, but lots of thanks.