Monday, November 26, 2007

Listen Up!

1. Do NOT worry that your points have not been added to the sidebar. I am still reading blogs and enjoying everyone's "Grateful" posts. I am also slowly adding everyone's sock contributions. We have been uber lucky to have so many great ones. I have to check and double check because there have been duplicates and I need to make sure everyone will get credit.

2. Again, if you have NOT heard from your spoiler or spoilee, contact me immediately. We have a few people have yet to respond to emails/blog comments. At this time I'd also like to state, if you really can NOT commit to this swap please back down now. I do NOT want to deal with missing, or no show, packages. Everyone deserves to have fun. Remember that the basis of this swap is to COMMUNICATE. We all like emails/cards/snail mail/comments, so please be generous.

3. BLOG BUTTON CONTEST: Last round we had a wonderful participant who made buttons without me asking. This round I'd like to hold a contest. Make a "Sock It To Me Twice" blog button, send me the link/jpeg and get 10 points. You may send up to two buttons. I will add them to the link list and then you can put them on your blogs! So be creative. Use any color! Use any font! Use any graphics! Contest will end on November 30th.

4. Prizes. There will be a random prize drawing on December 1st. Everyones name will be entered, regardless of points. I will post the winner on Saturday! So good luck to everyone!


Lisa said...

Thanks AJ! You have got to be the best hostess around!

Marisol said...

Thanks AJ! You are truly an amazing hostess, you keep the movitation going.

Kim M said...

AJ - as a newcomer to swaps, you've already made this a very cool experience.

Amy said...

Thanks AJ for being the Super Swap Hostess, and taking care of everyone. I know that getting awesome packages are wonderful, but communicating with your pals and getting to know them is the best part of swaps like this!

Marisol said...

Amy i have to agree with you hundred percent when the hostess shares the joy and enthusiam it keeps partners intrigue and wanted to know more about each other. AJ your ideas are wonderful, you got me going nuts on the button idea