Sunday, November 18, 2007


When I sent the matches, I DID NOT send you an email address for the simple reason that I received many emails from participants with different email address AND a number of email addresses that seemed to bounce back.

Kim wrote a post, I believe it is now THREE posts down from this, where you can post a comment and let your pal know that you'd like her email address. You should be able to leave comments on their blog. If you don't allow anonymous comments, please change your settings. Your pal should be able to leave comments on your blog. If all else fails, email me and I will see if your pal has left me just one email address.


CynicalGal said...

AJ, thanks for keeping track of all of this...this is a big endeavor and I really really appreciate it.

Amy said...

AJ - thanks! I wasn't sure how this was working this time, so I appreciate you sorting this out. I'll just delete my post concerning this then.