Thursday, December 6, 2007

Santa Arrived!

Santa came to my house this morning. I received a fantastic package from my pal. It was jam packed with cookie and bar mixes (what a fantastic idea!), a rice mix, neat stitch markers (you can never have enough!), some yummy looking peach jam, yarn. Mmmm... and the girls are fighting over who will get the red M&M lip gloss! There was more... I'll have to take pictures tonight when I have more time. I'll update my blog tomorrow, but wanted to say Thank You to my swap partner! She was so sweet that she included the package from the chocolate chips to make sure that my dairy allergic kid can eat the bars. :) What a sweetie!!

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Selana said...

wow, that's great... I was just wondering, how can you send a package and still remain secret? As the sender, you are supposed to put your address on the package, don't you?