Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Would Greatly Appreciate It If You

would make contact with both your spoiler and spoilee. Please. I've received a few emails, today alone, stating that they have made contact with their pals, via email or blog, and have yet to get any acknowledgement. I understand that it's the holidays, but you need to make contact for your pal. Remember the rules, please. I can not answer every email and hunt down every partner. Let's work together to make this work.

Also, a few people have emailed me regarding things that have been posted on this blog. Please check in as often as possible regarding contests and other information.


Carissa said...

The person who is spoiling me left a comment on my blog under the name Knit Witch and said I should contact her but there was not address or way to contact her based on that comment. Could the person spoiling Carissa please email her at cmsmith2003 AT hotmail DOT com Thank you!!!!

Betty said...
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Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

I have not yet heard from the person spoiling me, in my comments or other ways.