Monday, January 7, 2008

Help Please.....

Hi Guys

am relatively new to sock knitting, so could some one help me

I have a pattern for my swap pal, but its for size us8 and shes a us10
I have her foot measurements, so can do length etc, but how can i adjust the circumference?
its a multiples of 13 stitch pattern, and it says to cast on 52 stitches, do i just cast on an extra 13? im also converting the pattern to circs instead of dpns!!!

am i mad!!!!



Miss Me said...

no - you're probably not mad... what is the difference between a size 8 and a size 10 circumference foot? it probably isn't much. what sort of stitch pattern is it? some are stretchier than others, so there is a reasonable chance that lengthening the sock will be just fine.

other opinions?

Amy said...

I agree with Miss Me.

If the socks has ribbing, or a stretchy pattern, you are probably okay just changing the length.

Lisa said...

I agree with MissMe and Amy. I checked my handy Charlene Schurch book and found out that a medium size eight is 8 3/8" circumference and a medium size ten is 9" in, not much difference at all. If you are getting eight stitches to the inch guage, you would cast on 64 for a size eight and 80 for a size ten....did that help or just make it worse?