Monday, March 17, 2008

Packet two from my pal

My second swap it to me twice packet was waiting for me last night when I came home from a 13 hrs job trip. Like the first packet also this one made me stunned. Look at all my partner Yvonne in Germany sent me. It was like Christmas Eve to wrap up one thing after another. I`d lovely Jaywalkers, 4 skeins of divè cotton/viscose yarn which I`ve never had before, scrapbooking items, ribbons, candles, mocca insence sticks, bath salt, face mask and the cutest little sheep. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart to my partner Yvonne. Both packets were a lot more than I expected. I`m moved to tears when seeing a partner put their heart into making such wonderful packets for strangers. You are the best Yvonne. :)

My partner had knitted lovely Jaywalkers for me. The color is just gorgeous and fitted me perfectly well. :)

Look at this cute sheep I got from my swap partner. :)

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