Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's been such a long time

Hello ladies. I apologize for my lack of posting, I've been in and out of surgery, interviewing for babysitters, dealing with a fussy 1 year old who has four new teeth coming in, and trying to keep up with all of my swap/knitting/sewing/beading obligations. Life is rough!

I'm glad to see there a few posts about packages, keep em coming. They look wonderful. If you need an angel please email me at iknit.ipurl(at)yahoo(dot)com. Angels: I will be contacting you soon if we need any fill ins.

I've been horrible about keeping up with the contests, so I have a few to add...we have some very lovely prizes to give out. (They will be sent in March.)

Contest 1: All About Love

Simple enough post - You will post, on your blog, about a memorable Valentine's day you've had. Could be from when you were a child or now. (5 points) Extra points if you post pictures of anything in red, pink and white, for Valentine's Day. (an extra 5 points) Posts must be made by February 14th.

Contest 2: Spring Knitting

Post about your spring knitting plans. Do you have a new project in mind? Joining a new group? Any new goals you wish to share? (5 points)

Contest 3: Share the Yarn Love

Let's face it, there are a lot of knitters out there. And with that goes the fact that there is a lot of yarn out there! For this contest you will post 10 of your favorite yarns out there. They can be just sock yarn or lace or whatever your heart desires. (10 points for posting; 20 if you add the links to the companies)

Have fun and contact me if you need me! :)


Dawn ;) said...

Hi AJ, sorry to hear about this but I understand and hope things get better and slow down for you. :D I'm looking forward to the contests and finalizing my package for my pal so I can be ready if you need me. Take care of yourself and thx for everything. ;D

Miss Me said...

hope that things are settling down for you aj... sounds kind of overwhelming.
okay - answer to contest 1 is posted on my blog.
(aka katie)
p.s. what are the deadlines for contests 2 and 3?

wildflower38 said...

I hope you feel better. It's hard enough being sick but when you have responsibilities it can be overwhelming. All you did was take care of priorities like any of the rest of us would do.

I've been delayed in sending my package but I'll mail it on Feb 2nd.

Here's my links to all the contests:



Anonymous said...

Can someone help you determine the points for the previous contests - we keep submitting our answers but the points on the right don't change - can the person who helped you fix the links on the sock patterns step in (or someone else) who can review the blog sites and count up points or could we count up our own points and submit for the New Years and Christmas contests?????? Hope you feel better and it's OK to ask for help

Wendy said...

My V-Day post is up. I'll have the other two up by Saturday.

Yarn Sniper said...

I've posted for all three conteste :) Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Love, The Birthday Girl :P

Dawn ;) said...

Here is my "all about love" post:

Thx for the fun!

Dawn ;) said...

Here is my "share the yarn love" post ~ http://asimplifiedlife.blogspot.com/2008/02/share-yarn-love.html

Selana said...

I have posted all 3 contests on my blog too:



Cycling Knitter said...

Hey AJ
all up to date with contest posts now,
hope alls well
Angie[cycling knitter]

Dawn ;) said...

here is my spring knitting post:

thx ;D

Miss Me said...

my entry is up for contest 2...

(aka katie)

Mathgirl said...

Don't know if I"m too late for this, probably am, but last week I did post the spring contest and on V-Day I did post about V-Day memory but forgot to comment. I'm bad :(

Miss Me said...

and my final entry will be posted momentarily.

(aka katie)